10 Awesome Ways to Transform Your Home into a Picture Perfect Abode

by Candyse

Everybody wants to live in a fashionable and chic home that they can show off proudly. For a truly stylish home that will make your friends green with envy, then you should definitely follow these tips to give your home an awesome makeover.

1. Gilded Gold

Give your home a much needed update by swapping out dull metals with some gleaming golden accessories that will instantly brighten up the space. You don’t have to go overboard as a few simple furnishings is enough to make a statement.


2. Add Colours

To really make your home look like it is fresh off the pages of a magazine, you could incorporate awesome colours into your palette. For a superbly pleasing palette, choose to stick with three colours.


3. Reclaimed Wood

These weathered wood panels look really gorgeous in your home in all sorts of settings but if you can do it like this bedroom then it will definitely look beautiful. These silvery gray boards arranged in a herringbone pattern are simply chic.


4. Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint is not new but has been a staple feature in homes for quite some time thanks to its timeless appeal. Not only is it inexpensive but it also lets you customise the wall easily in any way you like.


5. Gorgeous Wallpaper

Wallpaper allows you to easily change the look of the room in an instant but if you are afraid of going overboard, then just put it on one wall to make it a feature wall. Match the theme of your room to the wallpaper for a picturesque room.


6. Stylish Shelves

Shelvings are common furniture in the home that allows you to store and display items any way you like. In order to ensure that it looks picture perfect, make sure to keep it neat, organised and balanced.


7. Always Add Plants

Natural green growing things are a must in your home if you want it to look photo ready all the time. A wonderful work of nature, these fresh plants liven up the space, brighten your home and look gorgeous at the same time.


8. Eye-catching Chandeliers

The right lighting fixture could make or break the entire room as it puts the finishing touch for the room. Be prepared to make a statement with a flawlessly gorgeous light fixture and pair it with some attention grabbing paint for a photo ready room.


9. Use Marble

Marble is usually associated with elegance and luxury so its safe to say that it works like a treat to glam up your home. It doesn’t have to be expensive as you can always start small as just a little goes a long way in making your home look Pinterest-worthy.


10. Interesting Tiles

Tiles can be another creative alternative to create an outstanding room that is just begging to be immortalised in photos. Go for quirky and beautiful patterns for a vibrant room that is bound to impress our guests.


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