10 Beautiful Ways to Use Ombré Styles to Keep Your Home Looking Stylish

by Candyse

Ombre styles have been prevalent in all sorts of styles from clothing, hair dye to arts and crafts. Hence, it is no surprise that this trend will make it into home decor and with its pattern of blended colours it works wonderfully in your home. Here are some gorgeous ombre styles ideas that are sure to make your home look stunning.

1. Ombre Walls

One of the simplest ways to incorporate ombre in your home is to paint your walls with this style. You can choose any colour you want and work from there or if you are too lazy, then you can consider using wallpaper too.


2. Ombre Drawers

Want to give your tired old drawers a fresh new look? Try painting them in an ombre pattern for a trendy look. You don’t even have to blend the colours for the look, just paint each individual drawer a different shade.


3. Ombre Stairs

Add a pop of colour to your home in a brilliant but understated way by turning your stairs to an ombre rainbow. You just need to plan the colour sequence to make sure the transition is smooth.


4. Ombre Curtains

Dress up your windows with some lovely ombre curtains to really make it an eye-catching piece of decor in your home. These pretty curtains are also covered in flowers for an even more outstanding design.


5. Ombre Rug

Don’t neglect your floor when you are jazzing up your home with ombre styles. Incorporate this gorgeous style by getting a stylish ombre rug that is soft and comfy.


6. Ombre Tablecloth

This versatile style can be used virtually anywhere you like, even for your tablecloths! It doesn’t have to full-on ombre, you can use some that only has the ends in an ombre pattern to make it look even more elegant.


7. Patterned Ombre Wall

Instead of using just one trend you can incorporate two trends and make your ombre wall even more special by using patterns and colours. It works great as a feature wall in your home.


8. Ombre Sofa

Turn one of your furniture into a work of art by covering it in an ombre style such as this sophisticated sofa. It will instantly transform your living room and make it look more warm.


9. Ombre Bedding

This bedroom would look rather drab and stark if not for the trendy bedding that is used on the bed. The pillows are covered in a similar colour palette to complete the look.


10. Ombre Pillows

Make your pillows the focal point of your room with this gorgeous pastel ombre pattern. It can be used to cheer up your home and make it look more inviting.


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