10 Galaxy Inspired Ways to Create a Breathtaking Home Decor

by Candyse

The galaxy is certainly a mystical and magical space that have been fascinating us for centuries so it is only natural that we want to incorporate this whimsical cosmic scene into our homes. Dress up your home with these stunning starry ideas and you may never want to leave home again.

1. Ceiling Mural

Create a magical atmosphere in your home with a spectacular mural of the galaxy on your ceiling so that you can literally look up at the stars whenever you feel like it. Keep the rest of your decor clean and sleek to let the mural take center stage.


2. Wall Mural

Adorn blank walls with this cosmic wall mural that instantly makes your living room a delightful place to be as you sit back and relax while admiring the stars. The sunny yellow sofa completes the look and makes it look very inviting.


3. Galaxy Bedding

This comfy bedding with a galaxy theme will ensure that you can sleep soundly throughout the night as you drift in among the stars. It is super versatile and is suitable for any age or gender.


4. Constellation Lights

The bedroom is your sanctuary from the outside world and naturally you want to make sure that it is cosy and comfortable. Making a constellation of lights on the ceiling of your bedroom is a great way to relax and also makes an awesome night light.


5. Planetarium Lamp

Brighten up your home with this cool planetarium lamp that glows with the light of a million stars when you turn it on. It looks absolutely beautiful and creates a very romantic atmosphere whenever you use it.


6. Nebula Rug

Bring the stars in your home with this stunning nebula rug that will transform any boring floor into something edgy and cool. It can be used for almost any home decor style to spice things up.


7. Galactic Shower Curtain

Make bath time much more interesting with this amazing shower curtain that not only brightens up your bathroom but is super functional too. Keep your bathroom floor clean and dry with the help of this beautiful curtain.


8. Cosmic Wall Art

Hang up a breathtaking galactic painting or two on your empty walls to make your home feel like they belong in the stars. An inspirational quote in the middle only serves to make it look more interesting.


9. Heavenly Feature Wall

Sometimes, you just need a feature wall in your home to keep things from being too boring and this is where you can consider incorporating a gorgeous piece of galactic decal in your bedroom. You can even choose your favourite planet or constellation to make it uniquely yours.


10. Planetary Plates

Literally eat with the stars with these cool plates that will impress any guest in your home. It looks so good that you may just want to put them on display instead!


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