10 Gorgeous Ways to Use Green in Your Home Decor

by Candyse

Rarely do you see someone decorating their home using green as their main colour but actually this is a very versatile colour that can make your home look really beautiful. Get inspired by these ideas to use green in your home decor below and watch as your guests turn green with envy when they see your gorgeous home.

1. Timeless Green Kitchen

This green and white kitchen is a classic example of a rustic kitchen that is given a fresh new look with the green elements in the room. The checked ceiling, kitchen island and dish display definitely makes things more interesting.


2. Subtle Green Bathroom

If you are not ready to fully use the colour green in your home then you can use it in more subdued tones just like this bathroom. The wainscotting in this bathroom is painted in two appealing shades of green while the custom sink skirt is decked out in a pretty garden theme. The wallpaper adds to the nature element.


3. Rustic Bathroom

This pretty bathroom is decked out in a very attractive green that doesn’t overpower the rest of the room. Paired with the other rugged decor, the colour goes very well.


4. Elegant Green Bedroom

This luxurious bedroom has walls that are painted a rich green colour that provides the perfect backdrop to the soft gold furnishings in room. Coupled with the botanical curtains, this is definitely one comfoy room.


5. Cheery Dining Area

Create a bright and vibrant dining area with the use of vividly coloured florals paired with a vine wallpaper. The soft neutral coloured chairs and dining tables help to tone down the boldness so that it doesn’t overpower the room.


6. Spring Green Living Room

This living room gives off a really cheerful vibe thanks to its green walls that are brighten up with a matching armchair and some fresh plants on the coffee table. The white elements are the perfect partner for the colour scheme.


7. Earthy Green Kitchen

Looking at this kitchen, you would have not realised that it is painted in a dark hunter green shade that makes it look even more sophisticated. The darker colour scheme is brightened up with the golden brown countertop which gives it a jewel box feel.


8. Country Living Room

Incorporating rustic and vintage elements into this homey living room transforms it into a inviting and stylish place. The green elements in the room are brought to life with some botanical curtains and green beams among other things.


9. Quirky Green Bedroom

This decor is not for the fainthearted but it is pulled off splendidly thanks to the clever execution of styles. The bright pink patterns and white furnishings completes the look.


10. Funky Green Living Room

The first thing that catches your attention in this very green living room is its deep emerald green walls that is considerably toned down with the cream and beige furnishings. The other whimsical decor in the room completes the decor.


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