10 Lovely Ideas To Create A Bathroom Kids Will Enjoy!

by Adeline

If you’re planning to make the bathroom kid-friendly, here are some bathroom accessories to help you achieve your goal! These bathroom accessories are designed to entice kids into the bathroom so parents don’t have to drag them in. The items listed also promote independence allowing them to discover new and exciting life skills, from both real life examples and from songs for kids which are online on YouTube.

1. Cute toothbrush cubbies

Some kids may not like brushing their teeth very much at all. Make it enticing by making a cute toothbrush cubby. Dress it up by covering the heads of toothbrushes with colourful animal toothbrush covers. The cubby can further be decorated in a jungle scene with animal toothbrush covers as the inhabitants to cover their Personalized Toothbrushes and make bathroom time fun. If you aren’t able to create a cubby, getting the toothbrush hooks from shops or DIY-ing a Dentalsaurus will also do the trick! Another tip you may find helpful, try using some sort of rhyme or something like kids songs kls to keep them entertained when brushing. This way you could probably get them to brush for longer too.

2. Entertaining cup

Kids will want to rinse their mouth too so make sure a pretty cup is close by. It’s all part of the routine to entice kids to spend some time in the bathroom instead of running away before they even get the toothbrush in the mouth.

3. Colourful soap dispenser

A creative way to add colour by the sink is to pop a few Lego blocks into the soap bottle. The quirky idea to use Legos incorporates a little element of fun.

4. A sturdy stool

Kids need the stool so they can reach over the sink comfortably. It’s important to ensure the stool is sturdy enough to stand on. If possible, look for stools that can be folded away for storage. Also, get brightly coloured ones to create interest in the bathroom.

5. Colourful art

Parents can DIY a character out of a card or sticker to greet the kid “Good morning!” when they enter the bathroom. It can be stuck at the side of the mirror or framed up to be hung or placed above the toilet bowl. Just remember to put it where kids are able to see it.

6. Crazy shower curtain

A wild shower curtain brightens up the bathroom and probably get the kids to maintain their hygiene. Adult bathrooms may look boring to a child so the easiest way to ‘style it up’ is to get colourful shower curtains picked by the kids.

7. Wall decals

Parents and kids can also decorate the glass shower walls with stickers or wall decals to make the bathroom livelier. For a neater look. get stickers according to a theme such as sea creatures or wild animals.

8. Kiddy laundry bag

It’s good to teach kids basic household skills from young. A way to do this is to teach them to place their dirty clothes in the laundry bag. Make it engaging by getting them a kiddy laundry bag. If you get an animal laundry bag, tell the kids to ‘feed’ it with dirty clothes.

9. Shower Squids

Shower Squid is a unique and fun addition in the bathroom. The Squid is equipped with elastic tentacles that can hold bottles and soaps of any size securely, even bath toys. It’s also a nifty way to use up all the soap even when it’s finishing up and easier for kids to squeeze their soap and shampoo during shower time.

10. Towel hooks

Placing colourful towel hooks at child’s height give kids some autonomy. This way, they can hang up their clothes and towels on their own. Parents have the choice to get a board with several knobs as hooks, individual hooks, hooks DIY-ed from toys or by utilizing a pegboard.

Feature images from Bathroom Seven and Samar Rakhaja

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