10 Modern Bathroom Decoration Ideas Which You Can’t Miss

by Candyse

Our bathrooms are something that we will definitely use everyday, so turning them into sanctuaries of cleanliness and comfort is something that no homeowner should overlook. These cool designs will give you some inspiration on how to transform your dull bathroom into a relaxing and charming place.

1. Clean Lines and Clear Glass

Separate your bathtub from your shower head so that you won’t make a mess when hopping from one to the other. Having glass partitions acting as your walk in shower enclosures and bathroom areas will help to keep the spaces looking bright and airy, and if you are not the shy type, it can even accommodate two people in the bathroom, where each person is undisturbed in their own space.


2. Wood and Concrete Elements

Contrary to popular belief, bathrooms don’t have to be made of just marble and tiles. Branch out into something different such as wood and concrete to give a whole new vibe on your modern bathroom. Your private oasis will look calm and inviting while adding an industrial feel.


3. Bathtub As The Main Focus

Many people think that having a bathtub in the bathroom is the height of luxury and they are right. Instead of tucking it away in a corner, display your bathtub proudly in the bathroom but make sure to choose a gorgeous and elegant bathtub so you can soak away your stress after a long day.


4. Add Plants to Freshen Up The Space

We all know that having fresh plants is good for us, as it produces more oxygen and makes the space look more alive. Put some potted plants in the bathroom so that you can enjoy the benefits here as well. Just remember to water it regularly!


5. Create a Spa-Like Feel

You know how you always feel so much more refreshed and relaxed after a day of pampering yourself at a spa? Recreate that feeling by transforming your bathroom into a modern spa with white walls and light wood tones.


6. Masculine Black Accents

This one is for the males, who want to have a more macho bathroom without making it look too cluttered. Just add some black details in the bathroom for some much needed character and personality.


7. Funky Accent Lighting

This design works best if you have a bathroom that is dark-panelled, as the quirky lighting accents will add depth and character to the space. In addition, the lights will also make your bathroom warmer and more inviting.


8. Create An Aquarium

Do you love the deep sea and everything about it? You can turn your bathroom into your own private relaxing aquarium. Just go for blue lighting that mimics the ocean’s colour and dark floors for that aquarium feel.


9. Luxurious Gold Details

The colour gold is often presumed to be a lavish and luxurious colour, and is perfect for the modern princess who wants a bathroom that matches her style. Keep it simple and elegant by dressing up your bathroom with some gold touches and finishes.


10. Open Up a Small Bathroom

If you don’t have much space to work with but want to make your bathroom look bigger, adding doors and windows can really open up the space. Of course, make sure that you add the necessary curtains or blinds so that you have your privacy when you need it!


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