10 Ordinary Things That Can Be Turned Into A Quirky Chandelier Or A Lampshade!

by Adeline

What makes our lights interesting also lies in the design of the lampshades. If you’re looking for something different from the usual drum and cone lampshades, here are 10 interesting ones for some ideas and inspiration!

1. Hangers

Wooden hangers are multipurpose if you know how to use them. To make chandeliers out of wooden hangers, stack and glue them in a spiral to create interesting shapes.

2. Wooden branches

It may require some creativity to make it work but if done right, the chandelier using anything that resembles wooden branches or twigs will turn the room into a forest once it’s lit up. It’ll also be perfect for stage plays as a forest backdrop!

3. Music Drums

Drums can make perfect chandeliers because you can use all the different drum sizes to your advantage. Stack them like a spiral staircase and it’s a chandelier in no time or you can just use one. It can even be made into a lampstand!

4. Old bike parts

Creating a globe chandelier out of old bike parts like the gears will require some welding. The end product will be fit for those who are looking for a more steampunk look. What’s great is that you can create your lampshade in any shape you want other than a globe.

5. African Gourd (Calabash)

Who would have thought a gourd can be carved into a lampshade? You can carve any shapes such as circles, stripes or wavy lines to create beautiful patterns around the gourd. When it’s lit up, the patterns and lines will stand out even more. Depending on the patterns carved, it can look quite tribal.

6. Hats

Unused hats lying around? Turn it into décor by making it into a lampshade! It’s going to be quirky because it’ll look like there are invisible people in the house.

For inspiration

7. Paper cupcake holders

Glueing paper cupcake holders into a ball is a nifty way to make a lampshade quick. To make it interesting, experiment with different colours and sizes of the paper holders. Who knows, you may make it look like a bouquet of flowers.

8. Graters

If you’re too lazy to poke holes into cans, just get a few cheese graters and hang them up. It’ll be perfect to be hung above kitchen bars for a culinary-themed décor. It may even tickle guests when they see what you’ve done.

9. Doilies

Doilies can be hardened using glue. Layer the doilies around a balloon and brush glue all over. Once it’s all dried and hardened, burst the balloon to get the hard lampshade.

10. Silverware

Another quirky lighting is to make lampshades out of silverware. All you have to do is to arrange a few spoons in a circle to form a dome, glue them into a box-shape or arrange them within an old lampshade frame.

Feature images from Emlii and Pinterest

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