10 Stunning Monochromatic Colour Schemes For Decorating Your Lovely Home

by Candyse

In the world of interior design, often you may get confused with the word monochrome and monochromatic. Monochrome usually means a home that utilises black and white as its main theme while monochromatic designs means that the interiors use one main colour in varying shades to make it look good. Monochromatic designs are good if you don’t want to fuss about with colour and can still make the room look gorgeous.

1. Warm Brown

The key to creating a stylish space with only one colour is to mix and match several different shades in your home. This living room’s main colour scheme is brown, but other shades such as beige and cream work well together.


2. Cool Blue

Blue is a very relaxing colour that allows you to unwind after a long day. Using this in your living room with some interesting textures will make it look anything but boring.


3. Royal Purple

Everyone knows that purple is the colour of royalty so deck your room out in various shades of purple for that ultra luxurious feel. The addition of the dramatic chandelier and stunning mirror adds character to the room.


4. Energetic Red

Red is a very bold and vibrant colour but when used well, it can really provide a striking effect in your home. While most of the room is dressed up in a vivid red, you can tone it down slightly with a few neutral pieces to make the colour pop.


5. Sunny Yellow

Want your guests to feel warm and welcomed in your home? Then yellow might be one of the best colour schemes to choose because it is a very uplifting colour. It also evokes memories of a friendly sun warming your face.


6. Mint Green

A pretty pastel favourite, mint is a great colour to choose to add a refreshing and clean vibe to the space. This delicate colour isn’t too harsh and is easy on the eyes too.


7. Subtle Cream

For the bedroom, a good colour scheme to consider is to use a calm and relaxing colour to create a cosy oasis. After all, one of the main purposes of the bedroom is so that you can have a good night’s sleep.


8. Warm White

You are sorely mistaken if you think that white is a boring and stark colour. The trick is to use subtly warm variations of white to make the colour look outstanding.


9. Vibrant Orange

This bright colour evokes a sense of energy and enthusiasm in the room and looks really cheery and warm. To tone it down, it is accentuated with some black patterns and creamy orange walls.


10. Romantic Pink

While pink is often assumed to be a girly colour, it can be a good choice for a romantic bedroom. Add some soft and textured patterns to make it more appealing.


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