10 Things To Consider While Choosing Your Bathroom Tiles In Malaysia

by HDM Editor Team

Believe it or not, what you used to know about bathroom tiles may seriously be inept or improvident. Your bathroom may even be in danger of being out-of-style, or maybe just messy. These days, bathroom tiles are becoming more and more popular due to how they’re able to make a bathroom look modern. For most people, the main attraction of bathroom tiles is how easy they are to manage and keep clean with a mop, however, very few people know of how much dirt and grime tiles can accumulate over time.

Keep reading to find out more about what you should be considering before purchasing bathroom tiles.

1. Expensive or Just Plain Gaudy?

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First and Foremost, Pricing. The price of any credible bathroom tile is able to put just anyone off. “Why should I spend so much for my bathroom tiles? I just need to cover my walls!” is probably what you’re thinking.

Don’t underestimate the importance of choosing the right bathroom wall for a good price. A proper tile has to be sturdy, durable, and has a nice shiny coat.

Try to find out more about a tile before your purchase. Don’t think every expensive tile is a good tile, this may not be so. Even a cheap tile could probably outlive the usefulness of an expensive one. Always think before you buy, and make sure it stays within your budget too.

2. Safety Comes First


Yes, Safety is also a necessary feat when it comes to bathroom tiles. One could slip and fall easily in a bathroom and lose their heads! (Of course, not literally)

Get safe, non-slip tiles that can be purchased conveniently from your local hardware store. There are also options for water-resistant tiles, dense concrete, and cement or sand-based tiles. Maybe you could even opt for pebble-stone flooring tiles. It will also add a sense of style and flair to your bathroom!

3. Size Does Matter


If you’re looking to make your bathroom look bigger, avoid using LARGE tiles as it will have your bathroom looking like a broom closet. Tiles come in standard sizes. Most commonly known sizes are 10 cm, 15 cm, 20 cm, and 25 cm. 30 cm, 30.5 cm, and 40 cm are usually used for floor tiles.

The thickness of a tile may vary as well. Make sure you measure your bathroom walls before purchasing tiles. Don’t purchase bathroom tiles on a whim and don’t just assume the size you need for your walls. Proper planning and measurements must be done.

4. Different Tiles in Usage


Here’s a suggestion : Use more than one type of tiles for your bathroom wall. Different types of tiles can make a nice and wonderful design as well. Draw and plan out a certain style you want to bring about or maybe a look that you like.

5. Colour Choices


Colours can affect the ambiance of a room as well as a butterfly effect. Room colour can influence our mood and thoughts. What mood do you want to create? Which colours will help you achieve that mood?

Blue – Gives off a cooling, and cozy embrace. It enhances quietness and serenity. It is said to bring down blood pressure and slow respiration and heart rate. Often recommended for bedrooms and bathrooms. Dark blue however, gives off a sad and depressing feel.

Yellow – Can mean the bright colour of the sun and happiness. It’s colours are energizing and uplifting. Yellow can feel expansive and welcoming.

Green – Is a harmony of Blue and Yellow, it reflects both colours and gives off a calm vibe. Lighter tints of green can give a relaxing feel in your bathrooms. It encourages unwinding but has enough warmth to promote comfort and togetherness.

Red – Is the colour of passion. As red as the fruit, it creates a strong first impression and brings excitement. Not really recommended for bathroom use but to each’s own, I suppose. Red also gives out a warm glow and is usually part of an artwork.

Purple – Combines the tranquility of Blue and the excitement of Red. It is a rich, dramatic and sophisticated colour. It’s highly creative and promotes deep thinking and feel.

Brown – Being a classic shade, it is the colour for security and comfort. It is a very versatile colour with its varying tints and shades. It also brings a sense of nature and an elf-like feel. Having its possibilities endless.

White or Neutral Colours – All these colours often fall out or in of fashion. However, its virtue lies in its flexibility. They can be an elegant accent for towels or bath-like items for instance. It brings out contrasting pieces for furniture and all sorts of objects. White is often used for ceilings because it enhances reflected light.

6. Patterns and Design


Just something to consider, really. If you’d like your bathroom looking stylish and new, don’t hesitate to break open that interior magazine and start looking for designs and patterns for your bathroom tiles. Make sure your tiles match the style of your appliances.

Different designs and patterns can say a lot about a person And your closest interior design-specialist store probably carries vast, and limitless choices. Why not pick something to your personal liking as well?

7. Adequacy with Your Bathroom


Other than style, colour and patterns, you should also take into account the size of your bathroom, width, and height. These contributing factors of a bathroom are very important when you want to purchase bathroom tiles.

Make sure your tiles fit in well with your bathroom space, and bathroom items. One must personalize according to a certain tone or genre to promote the consistency and elegance of your bathroom.

8. Get an Outsider’s Opinion


As much as you love your very own personalized bathroom, you need to get someone else’s opinion as well.

Although you are very satisfied from your recent purchase from the hardware store, your choice for your bathroom may not exactly be the best, or most accurate. You may very well like your new bathroom’s look, however your guests might hate it.

Get some help from your friends or family for their opinion on the bathroom tiles. Two heads ARE better than one in this situation. Achieve a result where everyone is satisfied, especially yourself.

9. Listen To The Man

Hispanic man behind counter at hardware store

Observe and Listen to the staff in the hardware store. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions, you are the buyer after all, and you want to gain the most benefit from your tile at the cheapest price available.

Although the staff may not look like much, but they DO know what they are talking about. Listen to what they have to say about tiles and pick up any important details about it. You might be reducing the risk of a disaster happening in your bathroom!

10. Go to the Right Store!


Head on to the right store where they sell good quality hardware and home decor items like, Home Depot, Ikano Power Centre, IKEA, and so on…

They also carry a wide range of items also imported from European countries as well.

Avoid stores that have no quality certificate or no recommendations. They might not have the right products or good quality items for sale, even at a really cheap price.

Make sure you think twice before you buy.

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