10 Things You Definitely Need in Your First Apartment for a Cosy and Stylish Home

by Candyse

So you have just gotten your first apartment and are living the legit life of an adult now. It doesn’t matter whether you are renting or have actually had the means to pay for your first mortgage as they have the one thing in common, you need to furnish it based on your needs. After all, somewhere like this beautiful One Pearl Bank condo in Singapore deserves to have your mark stamped all over it. Here are some items you should have to make it more homey and stylish.

1. Classy Artwork

Gone are the days when you would hang up any old print in your home for the sake of looking artsy. Now, you don’t have to break the bank to get artwork you love, even cheap or free ones work well, as long as you keep it elegant.


2. Pretty Window Treatments

You may think that curtains or other window treatments are not essential in your home but they actually play a very major part. Get gorgeous window treatments that will instantly glam up your home and give you some much needed privacy.


3. Chic Rug

Adding a nice little rug in any part of your home makes it look so much more warm and welcoming, you’d wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. It doesn’t have to expensive, you just need it to match your decor style.


4. Cool Lighting

Make a statement in your home by adding some stylish lighting which plays a big part in setting the atmosphere of the space. Play around with a few settings to make it cosy.


5. Vivid Splashes of Colour

A great piece of advice you should follow here is to start with a neutral colour base and slowly build on that by adding little pops of colour in your decor. It ensures that your home looks classy and is easy to update if you want to change styles.


6. Comfy Mattress

You already work so hard during the day, splurging on a good and comfy mattress that will bring you sweet dreams every night is a great investment for ultimate relaxation. It will make your bedroom so much more welcoming as well.


7. Cosy Seating Options

You may not be able to afford an expensive sofa immediately but that doesn’t mean your guests will have to sit on the floor. Try looking for other comfy seating options such as a chic settee or some armchairs instead.


8. Sturdy Shelves

Your first apartment will be empty in the beginning but pretty soon you would have accumulated enough things that will require storage. Get some strong shelves for your books, knickknacks and other items in advance and incorporate it in your decor.


9. Clean and Fresh Towels

Bet you wouldn’t have thought of getting new towels for your new home but they really make all the difference during bathtime. Not only would they look stylish but a new set that matches give a neat impression.


10. Matching Kitchenware

You don’t have to be a chef to own nice kitchenware but it sure makes all the difference when you have guests over. Even if you don’t cook, eating food off matching cutlery and plates will truly make you feel like a genuine adult in your own home.


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