11 Simple DIY Projects Which Cost You Next To None

by Meor

Decorating your home doesn’t have to be expensive or extensive. Simple DIY decorations can also add a bit of character without breaking the bank.

1. Clothespin Photo Corner

Here’s a simple one: all you need is some string and some clothespins. Hang some photos or mementos in that unused corner of a room.


2. Glitter Up Your Home

Glitter is the darling of DIY, if you’re looking for some quick touching up. Glitter and glitter glue can be used to add trimming or cover damaged surfaces.


3. Paper Hearts

Show your family some love with these simple paper hearts. All you need is some coloured paper, scissors, and glue.


4. Bathroom Storage Jars

You probably have some unused jars or cups around the house. Use hooks or clamps to attach them to the wall and ta-da! You now have a place to keep your toothbrushes.


5. Jar Lights

Mason jars can also be good containers for hanging lights. On top of keeping the light bulbs dry, they also add a nice glow.


6. Tennis Ball Key Holders

If you play tennis, you’ll have some spare balls in your store. Or if you don’t, they’re quite inexpensive to buy at the sports store. Use a knife to create ‘mouths’ and you can use them to hold keys or notes.


7. Painted Rocks

Find some smooth stones and start painting! Anything you want, whether it’s a cactus or some cartoon characters, the only limit is your imagination.


8. Decorative Wall Plates

Most people have a bunch of extra dinner plates they’ve collected over the years. Don’t throw them away. Instead, you can paint over them and arrange them nicely on the walls for a quick DIY touch up.


9. Stair Garden

Who needs shelves when you have stairs to place your pots on? Arrange your herbs at the edge of the stairs and you have yourself a nice quaint garden on the stairs.


10. Step Garden

Instead of stairs, you can also repurpose an old step ladder for your garden. Lay some planks to fill the gaps and you have a perfectly nice tiered garden!


11. Tyre Furniture

Old tyres lying around the side of the roads are an eyesore. Why not recycle them by turning them into furniture? Paint over them, then add some cushions to make a chair or cover the top to use as an end table.


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