11 Ways To Reuse Your Tea Bags To Stretch The Ringgit!

by Adeline

You have enjoyed your cup of tea but feel that it’s a waste to throw out the tea bag? Dry it and keep it! Used tea bags can be reused around the house. If you’re not sure what to use the tea bags for, discover its uses in the list below!

1. Flavour rice and grains

You can infuse a little flavour into your food by hanging tea bags into boiling water. Try a combination of jasmine tea with rice or chai tea with oatmeal. You can make your own version of Ochazuke!

2. Neutralize odours

Dried tea leaves have the ability to neutralize odours. Place tea bags in shoes or the shoe cupboard to rid of the bad smell. It can also be placed under garbage bags, the cat litter box and even the fridge. To deodorize a carpet, scatter the contents of the tea bag over the rug or carpet before vacuuming.

3. De-grease pots and pans

Tough stains on dishes can be removed by soaking it with a used tea bag. The tea will loosen the gunk and dissolve grease.

4. Bath therapy

Tea has antioxidants that are good for skin. Use up all the goodness by tossing in some used tea bags into your bath water! The scent will make it a mini aromatherapy session for you too.

5. Protect houseplants from fungal disease

Re-brew a used tea bag and let it cool before watering the plants with it.

6. Reduce inflammation from insect bites and sunburns

If you have an insect bite or sunburn, you can reduce the pain and inflammation using a used tea bag as a cool compress. This is due to the tannins in tea which are astringents. The tea bags can also be used to soothe mosquito bites.

7. A hair rinse

Our normal shampoo can cause product buildup on our hair. To get rid of buildup, soak 3 to 4 used tea bags in warm water and pour it over the hair after shampooing but do not rinse it out. Apparently, chamomile brightens blonde hairs while black tea adds a coppery shimmer to brunettes.

8. Decreases eye puffiness

Tea bags to depuff eyebags are a makeup artist’s secret weapon! Place a cooled ted bag over your eyes and let the tannins do its magic.

9. Leather buffer

If you’re travelling and you scuffed your leather shoe, drink up some tea in the hotel room and use the used tea bags to buff your shoe!

10. Remove stubborn smell from hands

Wash your hands with a used tea bag and a bar of soap to remove stubborn smells away from your hands! It helps to remove the smell of garlic, onion and fish.

11. As a DIY air freshener

Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil onto a dry tea bag to create a sachet of air freshener. Since tea bags comes with a string, hanging it up shouldn’t be a problem. If the oil wears off, just add a few more drops to ‘revive’ it.

Feature image from Riello

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