12 Brilliant Bedroom DIY Decoration Tips Which Everybody Can Do

by HDM Editor Team

What’s more exciting than to decorate your own sweet, cosy bedroom which provides comfort, warmth and relaxation?

Your bedroom is consider the most sacred place in your home and it should be given utmost attention and detail when decorating it. You can consider going DIY for your bedroom decoration as you know what works for you and what don’t. Adding these additional features within your bedroom is worth going down the DIY route for.

To get you started, here’s 12 Brilliant Bedroom DIY Decoration Tips Which Everybody Can Do:

1. Mason Jar Chandelier

diy bedroom decor mason jars lighting
diy bedroom ideas mason jars lighting

Mason jars are often used in home canning to preserve food. However due it’s beautiful moulded glass structure, it can also be used as lighting decoration for your bedroom.

2. DIY Bedroom Headboard

diy bedroom wooden headboards
diy bedroom pillow headboard

Most commercial headboards out there are quite expensive and bulky for your decoration budget. Why don’t you create your own headboard?

By using recycled wood and unused pillow, you can create your own personalised headboard with just minimal effort.

3. DIY Wall Panel

diy bedroom birch wall panel
diy bedroom wall block panel

Wall panel has increasing becoming a trend among home decoration ideas for your home. Besides giving a complete makeover of your current wall, it also provides depth and artistic sense in addition of your bedroom design.

4. DIY Shelves

diy bedroom belt strap shelf
diy bedroom shelves ideas

Your bedroom wouldn’t be complete without any shelves to keep your personal items organized in one place.

Check out the decoration ideas above which we hope could inspire you to create your own personalised shelf.

5. DIY Underbed Storage

diy under bed storage

One of the most under utilised place in your bedroom is the area beneath your bed.

You can add in some wheels on your storage box and place them neatly under your bed so that it reduces clutter while providing extra storage space for your bedroom.

6. DIY Nightstand

diy nightstand

Nightstand is widely used as a multi-purpose table beside your bed for your books, lamp and other personal items which you want to keep them close to you.

To create a simple nightstand, you can have several trunks or wine crates pile up on each other to create the height. You can then finish it with simple polishing tools to make it look cool and stylish.

7. DIY Closet

diy bedroom chair closet

To be different than other house owners, you can actually try to create your own closet by using unwanted folding chairs. By nailing them one by one neatly on the wall, you can actually have a functional closet by hanging your clothes and apparels onto them.

8. DIY Printed Rug

diy printed rug

Mono coloured rug could be too mainstream for your taste. If that’s the case, why don’t you add in your own design and ideas onto it?

Let your imagination runs wild and decorate your rug with paints and colours which will complement your bedroom ideas.

9. DIY Wall Painting

diy bedroom leaf paint art

Getting a wall painting for your bedroom could cost you a bomb. Instead of putting effort in finding cheap, quality paintings to decorate your bedroom, you can try creating your own painting by using cheap items around you.

For example, you can actually come out with a beautiful canvas with leaf shape design by using a leaf and just a can of spray.

10. DIY Lighting

diy bedroom light bulb ideas

What to do if you have many unused light bulbs lying around the house? Recycle them and turn them into a lighting masterpiece!

11. DIY Pillow Cover

diy bedroom no sew cover pillow

To get a simple makeover for your bedroom, you can start by changing the simple items like the pillows.

If you are afraid of needles, you can probably try out this no sew pillow cover which works out extremely good

12. DIY Bed Frame

diy bedroom pallet bed frame

You can try creating your own bed frame from pallets if you have limited budget to make around for your bedroom design.

The best way to get the pallets would be on the warehouse and logistics centres. After getting your hands onto them, you can conduct simple cosmetic makeover and polishing on your “bed frame” so that they looked more presentable.

Lastly, you can place your mattress onto them and instantly you will have your own bed frame with minimal budget.

Hope this article helps in providing you information on your own DIY bedroom decorations. Please drop a comment if you have any fantastic ideas to share with our readers! 🙂

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