12 Incredible Lofts That Allow You To Push Your Utmost Imagination

by Beverly

Have your Dream Loft; Studio Goals!

Ever fantasize about of having your dream studio? Why not just take the plunge and do it. Nothing is ever right or wrong when it comes to design, its just individual preference. Let your imagination free and explore the possibilities.

Sleek classic bachelor pad inspired by industrial mill pumping stationed interiors.


Musky sleek studio with an industrial world map accented influence interior.


Rusty industrial inspired family home.


Modern industrial minimalist loft.


Vintage upper deck studio with exposed brick wall-centric.


Warm and lazy ambiance wrapped up in a warehouse-like house.


Old New York City Hall train station influenced loft.


Living room motivated by a museum-like surround.


Warehouse home with a massive center piece aquarium.


Tunnel walkway inspire industrialized living-dining-kitchen space.


An abandoned-centric interpreted in a warehouse accented loft.


Industrial warehouse living space based on old vintage ambiance.


Pictures taken fromĀ Interior Decorating Ideas

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