24 Contemporary Industrial Design Which Will Blow Your Mind

by Beverly

When a blandish diversified 2 level house rocked with a bold hold on their historical architecture.

Work of abstract art mixed with modern contemporary industrial interiors floods with their simple use of furniture and décor to wrap it up.

Divided by 2 levels where most of the resting take place on the 1th level while the lower level feeds on entertainment purposes.

Notable effect of it all that the designer decided to uphold the original authenticity of the building only focusing some redecoration on the lower deck. Upon doing that, designer installed tall windows throughout the lower deck to ensure the natural light to flow into the room without the use of the lighting system.

On the upper level of the apartment does a complete 360 while the lower story is gleamingly lighted, the upper level proves a more significant contemporary theme.

Designer’s brilliance to throwing in 2 complete different styles to accomplish a contrasting mood when retiring upstairs or returning downstairs.

Credits to Interior decorating ideas pro

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