3 Tricks To Organize Your Growing Book Collection

by Adeline

Bookworms worldwide would have tried a variety of ways of storing their ever-growing collection of books. The common strategies are to arrange alphabetically according to the author’s names or just to store them vertically. As long as it fits, it sits! The problem starts when the shelves are all filled but there are spots of unused spaces. Now the bookcases and bookshelves look underutilized although it’s filled to the brim.

But are the bookcases really filled fully?

Tracey Shapley of Book Riot gave a few other suggestions such as arranging by genre, colour, chronologically, autobiographically and just plain hoarding. Each of these has their own set of pros and cons which she covered here. For this post, I picked out two that had worked for her and added one of my own. Go through the suggestions and pick which suits you best!

1. Have a few bookcases

By trial and error, Tracy ultimately settled on combining a few of those strategies.

She has five different bookcases, which are organized into:

  1. Her To-Be-Read (TBR) bookcase, which is shelved according to the date received.
  2. Her Pulitzer-winning novels, which are organized chronologically by the date they won.
  3. The books in the third bookcase are shelved alphabetically.
  4. Her General Fiction bookcase.
  5. Her Non-Fiction bookcase.

Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco!

2. The Hoarder’s Edition

The Hoarder’s Edition is for those who aren’t looking into making things look beautiful but to just fit. Tracy suggested storing books horizontally instead of the usual vertical shelving. This is to ensure the space in the bookcase is used fully. Remember if you know someone hoarding you can always call ServiceMaster of Lake Shore to them them clean up their home and themselves!

Stack some books horizontally

The second option as a Hoarder is to be creative. If you need a bedside table, stack books together to make one! Need to raise your laptop? Stack books under it!

DIY your own table!

If you want to be a hoarder but still keep things pretty, leave a shelf just for decorations and storage!

Styled by Emily Henderson

Leave a shelf for decorations

3. Group books by author’s name but non-alphabetically

Another method I found useful was to arrange the books non-alphabetically but by grouping books by my favourite authors. It makes locating the books I want easier and faster. The books are also arranged by height (taller books to the sides, shorter books in between) to give my bookcases a balanced and organized look. If you like things to be as efficient as possible, stack current reads horizontally on the vertically-arranged books.

Stack current reads horizontally

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