34 Harmonising Contemporary Abstract Art Piece To Beautify Your Home

by Beverly

The stepping stone of YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) popularity that sky rocketed with their a-line dresses by adopting Mondrian’s art piece to become one of fashion’s most iconic line in the 60s.

It is rare to adapt abstract art pieces as muse for the interiors while others simply prefer a generalized theme for their home, but these design brings a whole different meaning to ‘love for Mondrian’ portraying various styles but securing the main master piece in mind.

Whether it is a kitchen, a bedroom, bathroom, a living room, or simply your home office, you could just admire the intricate detailing of each puzzle pieces carefully matches together with the vibrant primary colors of Mondrian’s art.

An overall white base with loud primary colors center pieces.

Feel inspired walking into a room like this and let your imagination free.

Pictures taken from https://www.facebook.com/Interiordecoratingideaspro/posts/235424653837244

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