4 popular layouts while planning a kitchen

by HDM Editor Team

Planning a kitchen layout can be a pain in the ass. Without proper planning, we tend to waste a lot of unnecessary movement and time over the years. Defining the function is a good start as functionality is the basis of a good design. There are 3 main tasks you do in kitchen: clean up, cooking and food storage. Here are some popular layouts adapted in modern kitchen nowadays.

 1) L-Shaped Kitchen


Popular among kitchen layouts. No foot traffic crosses through work triangle. Most important of all, it provides lots of counter space.

 2) U-Shaped Kitchen

Basically surrounds the cook with cooking appliances and counter space. Ideal if kitchen is big enough as multiple work station can be conducted without getting in each other’s way.

 3) G-Shaped Kitchen

It is a version of U-shaped kitchen layout with same amount of counter space and work station flexibility. Usually links the kitchen to the dining area with common counter surface.

 4) Gallery

Suitable for one cook as it provides large work space. However it might disrupts foot traffic if multiple work stations were setup.