4 Unique Christmas Themes For Your Living Room

by Jane

You can add Christmas sparkle to your living room this year, by choosing inspirational themes. Christmas is the time of the year when you want your home especially the living room to look the best. When you think about your family gathered around the tree, or your guests coming to visit, you want to start decorating your living room ready for the celebrations.

There are plenty of ways you can create a pretty Christmas living room.

I am sure you wouldn’t want to stop at the Christmas tree; you also want to extend your decorations throughout the living room. These Christmas decorating themes will fill your home with cheer and make the season unforgettable whichever style you use.

This year you can bring a little change to your usual holiday décor with a mix of designs. These are gorgeous decorations you can use.

1. Retro Holiday Decoration

Retro Christmas Decoration

Although you may go for modern décor, you can add a bit of retro décor styles since after all, holidays are all about tradition. Style up your holiday décor to celebrate the heart-warming joys of Christmas you had in the past. Bring out your favourite red bows, decorative cards, the tinsel, and Christmas balls to style up the living room to bring out the precious memories that make this season a special time of the year.

2. Cedar Wreath Chandelier

cedar wreath chaandelier

This is an eye-catching greenery wreath “chandelier” which you can use to draw your guests to the buffet table or holiday cocktail. It’s fashioned from cedar wreaths that can be adorned with satin bows in your favorite colors. You can use lengths of the same ribbons in one or assorted colors, to suspend the wreaths from the ceiling. You can add the traditional red, gold and green decorations to bring the warmth and inviting look for Christmas and add hanging stockings.

3. Flower Themed Decoration

flower theme decoration

Flowers have always been used to create attractive Christmas home decorations. To give your living room a floral feel, try a collection of flowers which you can arrange in different styles. The designs you use can be artistic and you can add abstract styles here and there. Include garden ornaments, wind chimes, statuary, and anything you like to bring that floral feel.

4. Nature Glow

nature themed decoration

This year bring a little change to your regular holiday décor with Mother Nature’s best.

Find the deep inner beauty of nature by combining colours together as seen in nature. This works wonders as decorations, especially when you pair brown and green colours which are the most-popular earth tones used in home decorations. Decorate your Christmas green tree with brown and white ornaments to look sophisticated yet simple. You can use different shades of green to bring out a multi-toned look on the living room walls and hallways.

In the Nature Glow collection you may include items that bring out Mother Nature’s purity in artistic form. You may include ornaments, lights, decorative statues, table top accents and other favourites which show how nature feels. Include items created with replica greenery, leaves in abundance, animals, trees, plants, acorns and pine cones to represent green and earth tones in colour. This brings the outdoors indoors.

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