5 Amazing Ways To Use The Color Of Regal Elegance, Grey

by Justin Chew

Grey is the color of the calm and intelligence. This underestimated color scheme is often overlook for its docile tones, yet when done right it is regal elegance defined. Come check out these 5 ways to utilize the

1. Grey Tone

Décoration chaleureuse et cosy dans un intérieur contemporainTo start off we have the most basic component of design, the tone. The color Grey presents a base tone, and as an added bonus the color with varying different shades that blend well together. When done right, you won’t have to worry about overdoing the quantity of the color.

2. Fur Display

La tendance déco rustique de Maisons du Monde pour l'Automne-Hiver 2016/201:Grey furs have a naturalistic quality to their look which help blend the grey and natural softness into the calming sense of the room. It is recommended that such a setting should go with other natural themes. Wood for example goes excellent with the furs.

3. Balance Between Black and White


At the end of the day, the color Grey is still the medium between the colors Black and White. That being said, it would make sense that a setting that utilizes grey as a balance mix with the two colors schemes fit distinctly and naturally. Try your hand at experimenting a little. As long as balance is achieved, it should be fine.

4. Gentle Touch

Activité manuelle d'hiver bocaux - 25 activités manuelles faciles pour passer l’hiver en douceur - Elle

When deciding to layer out a room, one should first consider all the shades you’ll have to work with. Not every setting should be overpowering. Sometimes the best way to utilize a theme is to simply touch lightly.

5. Unifying Resolve

An East London Art Deco Flat for Family | Design*Sponge

Grey is such a toned down color that brings about calm and elegance, that one doesn’t have to worry over the use of it. In fact, when used in the right setting, it becomes a unifying force, able to match together multiple objects under a single banner, blending into one another, and making them as one.


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