5 Beautiful Door Stops You Can Use to Keep Your Doors In Place

by Candyse

You’v probably never given a second thought about your door stops and have never entertain the idea that this is actually a prime opportunity to elevate your home decor. Well, they are actually a really good piece of decor that can spice up your home in an instant. Here are some inspiring ideas for you.

1. Leaf Door Stop

Bring the nature indoors into your home with some cute leaf-shaped door stops that looks like a leaf has just blown in through your door. They are made of rubber and comes in many colours that you can use to keep your door wide open.


2. Airplane Door Stop

You know those paper airplanes that you used to make when you were a kid? This is its new reincarnation as a cool door stop that is bound to make your guests take a second look.


3. Ice Cream Door Stop

Nothing cheers you up quite like a sweet dessert and in your home, a quirky semi melted ice cream cone can be a door stop too. Make your guests do a double take when they thought that a mess has happened in your home but in actuality it is a really cute door stop.


4. Gold Bar Door Stop

Are you feeling a little rich and flashy? This gold bar door stop is the perfect accessory for your home that is both decorative and functional to keep your doors open to more wealth.


5. High Heel Door Stop

Often, in the absence of a door stop we would use our feet to prop the door open. Now you don’t have to use your foot but instead you can replace it with this adorable high heel shoe shaped door stop. This is perfect for people who love shoes and will definitely impress your guests.


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