5 Brilliant Ways to Personalise Your Sleeping Space With Minimal Effort

by Jen Mee Thong

The bedroom itself holds a myriad of functions – from a relaxing daytime space, occasional reading nook to the intended nighttime snooze fest. Try not to see it as a detached space for a specific function, instead visualise it to your creative favour to exercise a sense of personal touch to your sleeping space:

1. DIY Canopy


Remember the times as a kid you’d often build a bed fort with stacking pillows and blankets, basking in your fantasy world where only playtime matters? Emulate that carefree experience with a grown-up style canopy bed, where you can escape the troubles of the day and snooze the night away.

Think huge, elaborate drapes over your cosy bed sans the ridiculous budget – believe it or not, this is indeed workable with a minimal cash flow at hand.

2. Complementing Tones


When facing the qualms of a cluttered space, one solution would be to mask the unsightly mess with clever complementing tones. Painting the walls in the same colour as storage units can help create a soothing and calm space; whilst exuding an illusion of bulky units seamlessly ‘blended’ into the background.


For the bold and bodacious, take it a step further and utilize a modernistic approach in sprucing up a traditional furniture piece. Appoint it as the statement piece once you step into the room – undoubtedly all eyes will be instantly feasting upon its subtle beauty.

3. Personality Touch


Instead of boring old-fashioned photo collage display, we suggest introducing a peek of your personality into the décor. Simply take any element of your interests and display it proudly as part of the decorative. This can be applied to a wide range of items from classic vinyls to film posters.

For the gentleman with a penchant for sneakers, opt for a retail-inspired showcase exhibiting the variety of your collectables. Not only it’s easily accessible for wearing, they are a guaranteed eye-pleaser for those who appreciate a sleek pair of kicks.

4. Statement Lighting


Do away with mundane fluorescent lights and embrace the unorthodox expression of your persona through statement lighting. Redefine the mood of the entire sleeping space through a well-curated piece that makes all the tiny difference.


Consider the décor and overall theme of your bedroom before the selection process – the statement light needs to complement everything else without taking the attention away from the rest of the furniture pieces. From a minimalist approach to grandiose fantastical whimsy, you decide on which works for you best.

5. Reinvent With Scents


Aromatherapy have been proven to be extremely effective when it comes to relaxing the body, mind and soul; so treat yourself to a whiff of heavenly fragrance once you step into the bedroom. Transport yourself to another land all together with a diverse variety of scents; from breezy meadow fields to the ocean breeze within the flick of the match.


With the added advantage of calming benefits, you can also utilise gorgeous candle holders as permanent ornaments for display. Some candle holders are specially crafted to cast patterned shadows against the ceiling for a stunning view.



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