5 Clever Ways You Can Use Twigs and Branches to Create Beautiful Home Decorations

by Candyse

You may think that redecorating your house needs a lot of money but the truth is you can find materials anywhere which can be transformed into lovely decorations. Twigs and branches are one of the materials that you can find just outside your home so get started on your DIY project.

1. Branch Rod

This is a really easy way to beautify your home with just a simple branch. All you need to do is find a nice straight branch without too many nodules and then remove any twigs on the branch. You can even paint it if you want then hang it up in your room for a convenient rod to hang your belongings.


2. Shelf Support

Having some floating shelves are a great idea to fully utilise all that vertical space on the wall. Instead of having boring steel rods as support, get some sturdy branches which can reinforce the shelves and nail it firmly on your wall.


3. Doorway Decoration

Many people love to adorn their doorways with bunches of flowers or plants to make their home look more inviting but you can make it look more rustic with just a few branches. This is super easy to make as you just need to hunt for some pretty and straight branches to be placed inside a nice pot by your doorway.


4. Unique Chandelier

Instead of having a fussy looking chandelier that doesn’t match with your home’s ambience, try out this simple and charming branch chandelier that is casual yet pretty. Get a strong branch in a shape you like and string it with some lightbulbs for the perfect light fixture.


5. Wall Art

Mother Nature is the gift that keeps on giving and this quirky piece of wall art is the perfect example. Craft your own one-of-a-kind wall art by artistically arranging a few pretty twigs in a frame and then hang it up where you see fit.


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