5 Creative Kinds Of Mirrors To Style Your Home

by Justin Chew

When you think of mirrors in the home, your mind would normally tend to imagine a bathroom mirror or a perhaps desk drawer top mirror. This basic home utility has such a common place in the home, that it’s often overlooked as a decorative opportunity. In this day and age, not every mirror has to be a simple frame. Here are 5 fantastic designs of mirrors to style up your home. Why not take the opportunity to turn a basic home utility into a household decorative work of art?

1. Blend In

This mirror provides a break from the conventional mirror frame. The mirror blends into its surrounding so well, it almost feels like it’s melting into the wall. A great opportunity to showcase a little humor or whimsical flare in your home decorations.


2. Space Saving

Full length mirrors are great assets, unfortunately for some, they do tend to take up a bit of space. And for those living with limited wall space, larger mirrors are an extravagance. But here is a unique and workable solution for those with small living spaces. Why sacrifice precious wall space when there’s plenty of room on the floor?


3. Unusual Mirrors

Who says that all mirrors have to be on a wall. These mirrors break away from their conventional placements and highlight areas that wouldn’t normally expect. Just the thing to give your home that extra bit of flare.


4. Mirror Boards

Double the function double the use. For those who prefer a more particle use for a mirror. Instead of just having it hang around, why not have it fulfill a purpose at the same time. Having a mirror double as a check list or a reminder memo would act as a good last line of defense against forgetting something when in a rush. Or even just to save a bit of time in the morning.


5. Stylistic

These stylistic mirrors are for those who view their average everyday mirror as opportunity as an art piece. Whether it’s to fit a particular theme or just to stand out, sometimes a mirror should be more than just ordinary.


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