5 DIY Frames That Brings Out Your Authenticity

by Callen Charles

It’s always good to capture a picture perfect moments. Pictures like them will always leaves a memorable mark in, not just your memory, but in your heart as well. Therefore, it’s better to keep those photographs in an album and sort them accordingly on your shelves so we always flip the folder of each memory we remember. (DIY Frames)

Yes, it’s good to have them in a ¬†album but an even much more perfect way to cherish and remember those moments is by placing them in frame. DIY Frames are the versatility of placing anywhere at home. We can place them on the table, hang it on the wall and many other places we could think of. We don’t have to buy frames, we could always make one of our own creative designs.

1. ToysRelated image

Having lots of those small toys laying around our childhood room? Well there’s a way to make used of them. Childhood memories are the epiphany of remembering how much we love and enjoy being a kid. By so, make use of those toys into an awesome frame

2. Sticks

Sometimes something simple can always brighten things up in a room. A frame that is made from few sticks and tied by ropes, is consider a very practical and simple frame.

3. FlowersImage result for diy flower frames

There are many ways to give life to our rooms and none is better than having a few plants around the house. Flowers are a symbol of pure beauty since the early times of men. By so, having a flower frame will bring our the inner beauty in us.

4. CardboardsImage result for diy cardboard frames

Storing a lot of cardboard boxes in the attic and don’t know what to do with them? Cut those boxes up and make a frame out of them. Colour it, draw some pattern on it and voila! We just took a plain box and made it into something useful.

5. IndustrialImage result for diy frames

While we’re making frames out of simple material, perhaps we can challenge ourselves a bit. Take those old tools that we hid them in the tool shed and think of something imaginative ways to make an authentic frame.

Frames like these can definitely gives us a new perspective of frames. Plus, making these frames is also other great picture moment as not only we can put in our favourite photo but also we will feel a sense of accomplishment in being creative.

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