5 DIY Hari Raya Design That You Can Think Of For This Raya Festival

by Callen Charles

This year Hari Raya Aidilfitri is going to be splendid like any other. The food, the duit Raya and may other fantastic things that will happen for this Raya. And so, if you’re planning to host an open house for Raya, than look through this simple DIY Raya decor that will make your guest wonder whether did you really make this art on your own.

1. Raya Lighting

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Made a simple Raya lantern by just cutting out a few cardboard and fold it up into a beautiful Raya lantern.

2. Cake Topper

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Want to personalise your kek raya with some cake toppers? Of course you can. By just designing your own typography and glue a stick behind it, it’s just perfect for your kek raya.

3. Tassel Garland

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Looking for a way to dress up a blank wall? Just grab some embroidery threads, gold ribbon, twine, and a hot glue gun! To add a hint of sophistication, you can also use gold thread to hang the garland.

4. Ketupat

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Nothing says Raya like ketupat-themed decoration! Not too keen on the standard, woven kind? Try quilling! This quilled version is fairly simple to do, and exudes a quirky, hand-made feel!

5. Raya Card

If all else fails, perhaps a classic Raya card shall do the best for this festive season and besides it’s a classic. On the other hand, maybe you can put a little twist of your own.

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