5 Feng Shui Rules That Are Just Based On Common Sense

by Adeline

Feng shui is still popular in many households. While it has several fans and practitioners, some reject it as a pseudoscience. However, a lot of feng shui practices are just common sense and should be taken into consideration.

Here are some of the interpretations of feng shui practices based on common sense:

1. Never sit or place chairs with your back facing the door

Feng shui says sitting with the back facing the door will exclude you from the good energy that comes into the house. Common sense says the door is the main entry and exit point of the building so it just makes sense to be able to see who comes through the door. No one wants to get a rude surprise or at worst, be ambushed.

2. The kitchen shouldn’t be placed under or next to the bathroom

According to feng shui beliefs, bathrooms are filled with negative Qi. Usually, no household will want kitchens near the bathroom because it’s where the toilet is and where germs can spread. Having a kitchen near the toilet risks cross-contamination.

3. Keep doors and windows open to invite positive Qi

Having windows and doors open invite good energy to flow into the house. Common sense says having the windows and door open promote good air circulation, which can lead to a fresher environment and fresher air inside the house.

4. Dry or dead plants are bad Qi

Plants that are wilting, dry or dead give off a melancholy or dull vibe aka feels like bad energy in the house. Pruning or clearing out the dead plants will immediately lift up the ambience in the home.

5. Keeping cactuses around the house causes family discord

While some families said removing cactuses improved their family relationships, having cactuses in the house can be dangerous if you have young kids or pets in the house. It’s just safer not to have a pointy plant in near reach.

Here are the other bad house feng shui that really just says we have to keep our house neat, tidy and in working order:

  • Clutter
  • Dusty, unused or broken items
  • Broken windows, screens and doors
  • Exposed nails on walls
  • Water leaks

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