5 Feng Shui Tips About Colour You Want To Incorporate At Home

by Candyse

You may have heard about the term feng shui before but aren’t entirely sure what it means or how to incorporate it in your life. Simply put, it is geomancy and ancient art that involves the placement of yourself and objects within a space that will, in turn, affect your life in various areas. Colours also play a great part in feng shui but don’t worry, we have some great tips on how to use colours to create good feng shui in your home.

1. Sunny Yellow

Yellow brightens up any area and makes it feel more warm and welcoming which is why it is associated with cheerful, feel-good vibes. Use this colour to make any room in your home a cosy place of joy and just play around with the many different shades of yellow.


2. Earthy Green

Green is often associated as the colour of regeneration and energy so you can expect the room to feel vibrant if you choose to use this colour. They are also said to bring in healing vibrations from nature and you should definitely use a few different shades to maximise the full potential.


3. Innocent White

Adorning something in white just makes it look so pristine and pure, doesn’t it? Most of us already feel that is exudes an aura of peace and innocence which makes having it in your home a great way to keep it looking fresh.


4. Calming Blue

The magnificent blue colour is an excellent choice to use at home especially if you like a tranquil atmosphere. There are so many different shades of blue that you can use to create a sense of calmness.


5. Royal Purple

Purple has always been the colour of royalty as they exude a very noble air but they can create a meditative vibe in the right space. However, feng shui experts say that the colour purple should be used in moderation and in small doses.


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