5 Must Have Herbs Plants To Spice Up Your Kitchen Decoration

by Justin Chew

Herbs are an amazing way to spice up the home. Not only do they add that rustic organic feel, but they also useful. Just a little sprinkle while preparing a meal, and the flavor of the dish rises to a whole another level.

So this 2018 why not start decorating smart, by adding some mini wonders to your home. Here’s a quick guide to 5 must have herbs plants to compliment any kitchen.

1. Basil

Basil is a spice you’ve probably heard time and time again. Used more in western style cooking, it is a great asset to dishes like Pasta, sandwiches, and soups. Basil plants are best started from seed. They enjoy a lot of sun and warmth, so don’t be shy to leave them by the window.


2. Chives (Duan Bawang)

Chives are used more in Chinese style cooking. They’re used in complimenting omelets and Chinese pancakes. Chives prefer well-drained soil, and are planted from seeds in full sun.


3. Lemongrass (Serai)

Lemongrass is found typically in a lot of Thai and Vietnamese cooking. A must-have for Tom Yam. When you plant lemongrass they are grown from stalks and you can trim them down to just a few inches tall. They thrive in full sun and in well-drained soil.


4. Parsley (Daun Sup)

Parsley is used primarily as garnishing for soups and broth dishes. The plant is a versatile little fellow that grow from seeds or dug up clumps. They like full sun, however will grow slowly in an east or west facing window.


5. Corinder (Daun Ketumbar)

Coriander, also called cilantro, is an absolute must-have plant as both the leaves and the seeds are edible and are seen quite a bit in local dishes, Indian cuisine in particular. Coriander is grown from seeds, and will germinate quite quickly once planted. They like sun and need to be well watered.