5 Paper Craft Art Home Deco Ideas To Enhance Your Home

by Justin Chew

Papercraft art is a creative, flexible, diverse, and cost-effective way to decorate your home. There so many different ways to take advantage of the overwhelmingly available source. So let’s explore 3 ways to enhance our living space. So get those scissors ready to trim.

1. Paper Collage Picture Frames

First off, let’s begin with something small and simple. Picture frames are often plain wooden pieces. So what better way to spice them up then with a vibrant paper collage. The idea of a collage is to bring together many different paper sources, placing them together at random, turning them into something new and amazing.

A good point of this style of craft is that almost any kind of paper works beautifully. The more diverse, the better. There are few better ways to get started where you can let your creativity and imagination run wild. There are no mistakes when the objective is to make a beautiful mess.


2. Wall Deco Paper Art

Next on the list is the idea of taking something already on hand but plain and enhancing it. Going as far as telling a story. This is where imagination meets style. This basic concept of adding light crafts to everyday objects can go a long way. Take a bare space on a wall, for example, see how adding simple cut-outs can construct a scene turning an everyday object into an art piece. These scenes can stand out or blend in seamlessly in a subtle yet complementary way.

It all depends on your imagination and your own sense of humour. The concept, of course, can apply to other areas such as; mirrors, windows, wardrobe drawers. Any bare surface around the house is potential for a scene and another story. What will yours be?


3. Paper Craft Figurines

Lastly, we have the classics. Origami the go-to of paper crafts and it’s often the first thing that springs to mind. It would be a sore miss not mention its appeal to a decorative scene. Ever seen little figurines decorate a desk?  When you consider this, it’s not too far a stretch to imagine using papercraft figures instead.

Most origami are a bit complex, however with a bit of research and willingness to learn, very soon you’ll have an arsenal of possibilities to decorate desks, coffee tables, cabinet tops, and even, when in season, a Christmas Tree.


4. Paper Furniture

Did you know of a clever to add a twist to your furniture? How about if the they were out paper! A simple idea, but with an abundance of possibilities and experimentation. Replacing something like a vase of flowers with paper crafts adds a whimsical charm to any room.


5. Hanging Paper Art

One of the more traditional way of papercraft art, yet very effective. You’ve been seen examples of it in kindergartens or preschool. A simple idea like this can bring about a warm, vibrant, child-like feel to the home. Why not bring out the liveliness of your home too?



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