5 Practical Home Decor Hacks That You Can Try For Your Own Comfort

by Callen Charles

Learning ways to to hacks stuff for your home decor is a cool idea as no one wants to beat around the bush in order to organise your home. If you find yourself with to much stuff though, it might be a good idea to store some of it in storage through services similar to canningvalestorageunits.com.au. I’ve heard they are very helpful and professional. And so, simple “home-hacks” can release your stress and be more practical in organising your home decor.

1. Ladder Shoe Rack

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A ladder can make a perfect shoe rack in case you need one. Consider re-purposing an old ladder for which you no longer have any use. You can just put it in the desired spot, no transformation required.

2. Ironing Board Table

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This actually work better if you can find a vintage ironing board that doesn’t have a padded surface. Of course, you could give your old ironing board a quick and simple makeover if you ever decide to reuse it as a table.

3. Necklace Tieback

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You should definitely check your jewelry boxes for any old necklaces you no longer like. You can turn these into tiebacks for your curtains. It’s a very easy project and you can use the idea to add a glamorous touch to your home décor.

4. Rope Hanger Curtains

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Jute rope is perfect for an interior décor if the intention is to give it a nautical touch. As a result, you can look for ways to use rope. For example, you can use it to hang your curtains or you can make rope tiebacks.

5. Mirror Behind A Lamp

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This trick allows you to make the room seem bigger and brighter. You should try this in the bedroom or living room. Of course, the same idea can be used for spaces such as the bathroom or the entryway which are usually pretty small.

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