5 Quirky And Creative Ways To Divide A Room!

by Adeline

Separating rooms creatively take some thinking and planning but it can be done! Instead of constructing walls immediately, why not give some of these ideas a go?

1. Garage door like the Humphreys

The fictional Humphrey family in the Gossip Girl series has a garage door which they can pull down to separate the two rooms, Jenny’s and Dan’s. Repurposing a garage door gives a rustic and grunge feel to the house, perfect for those who are looking for something unconventional and creative!

2. Curtain

K+S 001

Curtains aren’t just for windows. They can be hung up to create cosy and private corners like an adult tepee or blanket fort.

3. Bookshelf

Large bookshelves make good room separators too. The shelves can be filled with books and beautiful décor for a wholesome look at home. Just make sure it’s not too cluttered.

4. Movie projector screen

If you need an excuse to purchase a projector screen, now is the chance to do it. A projector screen is similar to a curtain except you can have a mini home cinema with a projector!

5. Folding screens

The classic and timeless folding screens are still useful today. Available in a variety of sizes and designs, it has helped separate rooms since like forever. The best part is it’s flexible and can be positioned any way you want it!

Folding screens can also be used as a headboard!

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