5 Simple Hacks for Minimalist Concept Home Decoration

by Jen Mee Thong

Not all people are comfortable with decorating their home in lavish style. Some prefer the concept of having the less is better. It is hard to manage a room full with a lot of stuffs let alone deciding on the theme especially if you are living alone. Fussing about the stuffs you need to put at certain corners of your home might be a pain in the ass. It is not an easy thing to pull off especially if you have a very little knowledge on basic home decoration. Creating a simple space isn’t very hard but it does require a balance for the right minimal mix. Here’s how minimalist decoration can help!

Playing With the Lighting


Handling the minimal spaces, lighting plays an important part to make or break it. It can either make your spaces a lot bigger or seems a little smaller. When you are adjusting with the natural light, you can use the window to help you in directing the light how you want it to be. With the right use of lighting, it can make a huge change to your simple space.

Selecting Right Colour Tone


It is still a minimalist decoration concept yet you still want to turn it into as spectacular space, why not start by playing with the colour tone? The pastel and earth colour can do a lot of change to your spaces. Earth colour exudes charm and turns it into a more sophisticated look.

Choose Quality over Quantity


If you are aiming for simplicity, then less is better. You don’t want to make your spaces seems like too overcrowded with unnecessary stuffs, in which you should try allocating the high quality and well-made pieces, not necessarily they have to be expensive but they can at least complement the spaces. You are not just trying to find things to fit as much in your room but something that can bring out the best from your limited space.

Know Your Room Well


You are aware that you have a limited room space and you know how it will look like the moment when you try to squeeze everything inside. Once you are aware of the size of your room next you should know how to balance them. You must always follow the three basic design rules which are balance, proportion and harmony when designing a space even when you want to apply the minimalist concept.

Decide On Your Priority


You should already imagine how you are going to use the spaces when you want to start arranging the stuffs and continue with the design. Set the spaces with the stuffs that is essential for your activities. Certain spaces can be used differently from one another so it is important for you to decide how you are going to use the space as. Do a trial review for a week and see if the space works for you.

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