5 Simple Lines And Shapes To Give Life To Old Pillowcases!

by Adeline

Who knew pillowcases and covers can be quickly given a fresh breath of life just by using some art tools? If you have old covers lying around, see if it can be ‘salvaged’ by using some of the tricks below!

1. Black and white lines

Burlap & Lace

Hand-painting your pillowcases in black lines on a neutral coloured pillowcase can give it an expensive look. Experiment with dotting, straight lines and even freeform lines to make it interesting.

2. Freehand painting and custom stamping

A trick you can use to spice up your pillows is to colour complement. These pillows look great with colourful spots and asterisks in yellow, blue, pink and black. Have fun with fabric paint and stamping the circles.

3. Metallic brushstrokes

An easy way to give pillowcases an expensive look is to have metallic brushstrokes on it! To do this, apply a little silk adhesive on the pillowcase before pressing a gold silkscreen foil on it. Then, apply heat with an iron for 30 seconds. Once cooled, peel off the gold foil. The results are amazing!

4. Watercolour-inspired pillows

Can you believe that these amazing patterns can be achieved by using permanent markers, rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs? They mimic the watercolour-style and adds beautiful artworks onto your pillowcases. Go for the basic swirls and free-hand lines but if you’re bold enough, try drawing feathers using short strokes. Find out how it was done here!

5. Freezer paper stencils

Sarah of Sarah Hearts stencilled a simple big heart and polka dots on her pillowcases but you can make your own shapes using freezer paper. Simple shapes can give your pillows a “I just bought this from the shop” look and will fit in any décor at home.

Have fun DIY-ing!

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