5 Stunning Things You Can Do to Decorate Your Home In Stripes

by Candyse

Stripes are a classic pattern that looks good on just about everything, even home decor. It is super versatile and can be used on the walls, the ceilings and even the floors. Besides, they can be any combination of colour so you can be sure that you will be able to find something that suits your home decor style.

1. Striped Wall

There are so many kinds of stripes out there but this beautiful diagonal stripes can make your home look more interesting especially when you use it as one of your feature walls. A mishmash of different stripes really spices up the decor.


2. Striped Armchair

You’ll be surprised at how good a striped armchair can look in your home and how comfy it can be. Create your own cosy little nook with a stylish striped armchair and you might just never leave it again.


3. Colourful Striped Chest of Drawers

Now, using stripes in your home decor doesn’t mean that you can only use two colours. Go wild and use as many colours as you want to create the perfect striped rainbow on your furniture. This bold chest of drawers is the perfect example.


4. Striped Ceiling

Add some interesting details to your ceiling by adorning it with some vibrant stripes that will draw the eye up and make it a great focal point. You can match other decor in the room in a similar colour as the stripes to keep the entire colour scheme more cohesive.


5. Striped Bedding

For a fun and easy way to try out the timeless stripes in your home, you can choose some striped bedding for your bedroom so that you can sleep in style. A few splashes of bold colour on the bedding will make it look even more modern and gorgeous.


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