5 Super Cute Ice Makers You Can Use to Keep Your Drinks Exciting

by Candyse

Having a nice cooling drink on a hot day is one of the best things in the world and with Malaysia’s tropical weather, any time is good for a cold one. However, no one said that the ice in your drinks have to be those boring square or round shaped ones so here are some adorable ice cube makers that will transform your beverage.

1. Shark Fin Ice Cube Tray

We already know that eating shark fins are bad and the shark population is declining dangerously so instead you should use this shark fin ice cube maker for your drinks. Not only will it look interesting in your glass but it will evoke fond memories of the classic movie, Jaws too.


2. Chill Pill Ice Tray

Take chilling with a drink to the next level with this super creative ice cube tray. Melt away the stress of the day by taking a chill pill (or two!) in your drink that will definitely be nice and cold now.


3. Snowflake Ice Cube Tray

Everyone knows snowflakes are cold so what there’s no better way to use them then by getting this awesome looking snowflake ice cube tray. The sight of those cute snowflakes floating in your drink will make it look really good.


4. Brain Freeze Ice Cube Tray

You may not be a zombie but these quirky looking frozen brains in your drink certainly makes it look yummy! It can also be the perfect thing for Halloween drinks and perhaps it can help you avoid that dreaded brain freeze from sucking down an ice cold drink too fast.


5. Jewels Ice Cube Tray

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend and we simply couldn’t agree more on this. Instead of splashing out on some costly bling, use this creative ice cube maker to dress up your drink with some cool sparkling jewels.


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