5 Super Useful Tips You Need to Know About Whitewashing Your Home

by Candyse

You’ve probably heard of whitewash and definitely seen it before being used on buildings and even furniture. It is actually quite simple to use and the white colour revitalises the house by giving it a new facade. Whitewash is practical and beautiful as it makes the room look more spacious and minimises odours as well. Here are some awesome tips to apply whitewash yourself!

1. Make Sure the Surface is Clean

Actually, this tip applies to all sorts of paint jobs as you don’t want your paint to be marred by unsightly bumps or allow the dirt to make it look uneven. Always check to make sure that the surface of the item that you want to whitewash is clean and remove any unwanted stickers or decals.


2. Dry Brushing

In whitewashing, dry brushing is a great way to let the natural surface of the item, such as wood furniture shine through the paint. All you have to do to achieve this shabby chic look is by wiping most of the paint off your brush and then paint the item very lightly.


3. Sanding for a Distressed Look

Whitewash is great for giving your home decor that rustic, lived in look while still looking stylish. It adds more character to your home and is super easy to achieve. After applying a nice layer of whitewash on the desired item, sand away the paint to reveal distressed spots. Remember to add a layer of glaze or wood sealer to protect your furniture and your gorgeous paint job.


4. Stir the Paint Every Time You Dip Your Brush

Depending on the style that you are going for, adjust the thickness of your paint accordingly. You might think that just mixing it at the beginning is enough but you should give it a little stir to ensure that the thickness is even.


5. Always Allow Whitewash to Dry for 24 Hours At Least

Your paint needs time to dry before you decide to add any other sealers or glaze on top to protect it and just because it feels dry it doesn’t mean that it is. You should let each layer dry naturally for at least 24 hours to achieve the best results.


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