5 Tricks To Upgrade Old Furniture That You Don’t Want To Let Go!

by Adeline

Love your old furniture but you don’t want to give it away? It can be hard to let go of certain pieces especially when they hold so much memory or it’s simply a very good piece of furniture. If you find yourself holding onto the outdated furniture but they need some sprucing, here are some ways to transform it into something better! These tricks are also helpful if you like the design of the furniture but not the colour!

1. Embrace other metallic colours

Gold may not be a favourite for some people and luckily for them, there are other metallic colours that can still achieve the glam factor or spice up the furniture! If you don’t like gold, give rose gold a try. The colour rose gold gives a feminine touch and is less striking than gold.

2. Use shimmering tiles

Kitchen counters can be revamped by using shimmering mosaic tiles. If it’s too much for you, you can cover the front of the kitchen island or counter instead and make that a focal point. Just remember to use a strong adhesive so the tiles don’t drop!

3. Upgrade with wallpaper

Wallpaper is multipurpose. Other than decorating walls, it can be used to change the look of furniture or be made into wall art. If there’s an old cupboard, shelves or drawers in the house, give it a fresh look by covering it in beautiful wallpaper. Guests will think you bought new furniture!

4. Apply furniture wax on wooden items

Wooden furniture is ageless if cared for properly. To spruce wooden furniture a little, rub over a little finishing wax to give it some colour and shine. This is a really easy way to breathe life into old furniture and turn it from trash to treasure. Depending on how much wax you apply and how much excess you wipe off, you can either lighten or darken the wood surface.

5. Experiment with colour blocking

As always, a quick way to freshen up something is to play with colours. To do this, you can experiment with colour blocking by painting your bar stools in two tones or going for a geometric style using wall paints for the walls.

Another fun way to colour block is to paint the inner sections of your bookcases in different colours. It’s going to be a standout! Other ways to colour block is to paint dining chairs in a vibrant colour while keeping everything else neutral or as it is.

Also, see if you are able to line your trays or smaller items with a strip of colour highlights. It’s going to be fun just painting stripes here and there! Check with mum first if you’re still living with her!

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