5 Varieties of Stone Flooring To Make Your Home Cool

by Justin Chew

When it comes the deciding flooring, there are really only two main choices, between stone and wood. Each carry their own unique attributes to the design of your home. However when it comes lasting upkeep, stone is really the way to go. Stone flooring material really brings a sense of style and character to a space.

So before you decided on the Home Flooring for your next design scheme, consider these gorgeous spaces featuring everything from luxury marble to refined limestone.

1. Rustic Stone


Who said stone can’t give off rustic charms? Castles of old and new still opt for the slight rough surface type flooring that were the norm of medieval masonry. If you home spots a rustic or even country side cottage appeal, make it complete by choosing this stone floor option.

2. Marble Delight


Marble flooring has an aura of irresistible-ness to it. It’s shiny, it’s smooth, it’s regal; it’s often the complete package. Marble flooring may be most seen in the bathroom, but marble can really work in kitchens and living rooms too.

3. Mosaic Array


Just because it’s the floor, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. On the contrary, flooring are great opportunities to show off design and class. One good of how to do just that is a mosaic. Mosaic collages are a creative and inspired way to bring out the potential from the ordinariness of your floor.

4. Mix And Match

Following in the steps of the mosaic design, this mix and match style design of flooring is similar in concept offers a different take on the idea. Essentially, this kind of flooring design carries a more playful sense to it and thrives on the inconsistencies of the distinct pattern.

5. Marble Natural


Speaking about inconsistencies, this kind of flooring design brings together elements of the previous ideas. The use of marble, the diversity of pattern, the overall natural sense of the layered flooring marble. Variation is sometimes the highlighter of beauty.