6 Amazing Ways To Design Your Own Low Bookshelves Like A Pro

by Adeline

Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves are a bookworm’s dream come true but it is often inconvenient. If you’re open to try new ideas, experiment with low bookshelves. It is not something readily seen in homes so having some low shelves add a different touch. It can also possibly help make reading an accessible and inviting activity for younger children. Even for non-bookworms, a low shelf can be used to hold or display other home decors.

Can a blocky thing such as a bookshelf be used in ways other than just holding books? Yes, it can! Get ready to revamp your indoor living space by placing low bookshelves…

1. By the window

If you have a beautiful view outside, take advantage of it by lining low bookcases along the windows. Low bookshelves also help to off-set very tall windows, if tall windows are not your thing.

Not only there is good lighting to read, it can even be converted into a cosy reading nook. Throw some pillows on the floor and you’re all set. If you intend to make the corner even cosier, place low bookshelves…

By the windows

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2. Under a window seat and bay windows

Those with bay windows at home has an advantage here but it can still be done without. Right under the seating, you can build-in bookshelves. This in itself kills two birds with one stone: you get to enjoy the view and a shorter distance from your seat to your book collection. Another bookworm’s dream!

unexpected ways to arrange low bookshelves and window seats

The spaces below can be used to store various items, not only books

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3. As room dividers

Bookshelves have been used to conceal things and thus have acted as a front to secret rooms. Since we don’t have the space to build a secret lair, we can still use bookshelves as room dividers. Low bookshelves are better at this because although it is used to divide rooms, we can still see the other side of the hall.

Use as room dividers

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4. Fill up recesses and empty spaces

If I have to guess, I gather most of us will use these empty spaces for the vacuum cleaner and miscellaneous items. Throw them all out and make space for books. If you’re not a reader, place smaller plants or decor in the bookshelves.

Easiest way to occupy recesses beautifully


5. Under or against the bed

Low bookshelves under or against the bed are convenient for those who read before bed. While a bedside table works the same, a bookshelf under or against the bed can hold more books. Combining a bookshelf and a bed together also help to save space in the hall in small units.

Queen bed with bookcase


6. Within kitchen counters or islands

A lot of homes now do not have a specific dining table anymore to consolidate space. Its replacements are smaller kitchen islands or bars counters. Often, these two double up as workspaces as well. Placing low bookshelves within kitchen counters solves a lot of problem at one go. Accessing recipe books, work files and revision books have never been easier for families.

Within the kitchen island


7. Make it into a biblio chair

A low bookcase is low. An armchair is about the height of the kitchen counter. Why not combine both the bookcase and the armchair? It consolidates even more precious space!

The armrests can be made flat with a wooden top or left open for books to stick out.

A biblio chair with flat armrests


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