6 Awesome Travel Themed Decor for Every Wanderlust’s Home

by Candyse

Travelling is a luxury that most of us would love to experience always but it doesn’t come cheap as you have to factor in a lot of cost. So, what do you do when you are waiting for your next travel adventure and missing those vacation times? You deck out your home with some travel themed decor of course! Get inspired by these ideas.

1. Suitcase Shelves

Travelling will always involve packing up your luggage and there’s no better way to remind yourself of those awesome vacations by decorating your house with these cool shelves. Vintage suitcase shelves are not only practical but very beautiful as well.


2. Ship Bookends

Although we have modern modes of transportation to bring us to another part of the world now, we can’t forget about other modes such as ships. Bring some nautical and travel vibes into your home with this cool bookends made out of both ends of an olden ship.


3. Compass Clock

We may have better ways to navigate around the world now but nothing beats the good old, trusty compass that has guided many travellers before. Put this quirky compass clock in your home for the ultimate travellers timepiece.


4. Scratch Map

This popular scratch map is famous just because it can be so easily personalised with the places that you have been to. Just scratch out the corresponding compartment in the map and watch it change colour. Then plan your next trip to places that you have never been by glancing at the gold, unscratched spots.


5. World Map Mural

Go big for your world map and fill one whole wall of your home with this cool mural that will fill your dreams with exotic places. The muted colours make it look understated yet stylish on your wall.


6. Globe Bar Cart

This is a must-have if you love receiving guests in your home and then regaling them with tales of your travels. Not only can you serve delicious drinks on it but the globe allows you to point out the places you have been.


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