6 Basic Items That Will Make Your House Look Chic and Fab!

by Adeline

A lot of expensive things in the market are made out of inexpensive materials so don’t get the expensive ones when you can get the same at a lower price! The best thing is there are a lot of ways to upcycle or DIY things on our own and sometimes it’s cheaper than getting brand-new stuff.  Here are the 6 basic items that will help you turn the old into something new!

1. Gold paint

Paint is like a DIY saviour. Unsightly marks on cabinets? Repaint it. Bored with the look of the table? Repaint it.

But, how do we make cheap furniture look expensive? Here comes the gold paint in all its glory! For tables with metal finishes, coat the metal with gold paint and watch it turn from drab to fab!

Oooh, did someone buy a new table?


2. Marble contact paper

Marble never seem to go out of style and it’s still trending. While actual marble tables can be expensive, you can fake one by using marble contact paper. These adhesive papers can be bought from stores such as Mr. DIY in rolls. Just measure up your table and cut the contact paper to fit accordingly.

3. Upgrade hardware

As can be seen in this post, a simple act of switching default knobs into something more stylish changes the whole look of the furniture. A basic leather strap cut from a belt make good substitutes too.

4. Upgrade furniture legs

Furniture legs play a large part of the furniture’s overall look. Switch out unattractive furniture legs into something new and it’ll look like you’ve got yourself some new furniture. If the legs can’t be changed, a simple repainting or embellishing will get the job done.

5. Change function of the item

Here are some basic items ideas:

  • Get a wire wastepaper basket and fashion a lid on top to DIY your own Ikea Kvistbro table!
  • Turn a vertical shelf over for more storage space. It can be used to store books or have drawers added to make a new cupboard.

6. Dig out old photo frames and get some colour pens

If you’re strapped for cash, dig out old photo frames and frame your own drawings or calligraphy art. The simplest is to write some motivational quotes on paper and decorate it with colourful ink or paint and frame it up.

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