6 Breathtaking Small Kitchen Ideas That Make It One Of The Most Stylish Spaces in Your Home

by Candyse

The kitchen is one of the busiest spaces in your home and this is why it should be decorated well. But what if you don’t have a big space for your kitchen? Don’t worry though because we have just the right ideas for you so you can decorate your small kitchen. Get ready to be inspired and get creative with these awesome small kitchen ideas.

1. Dark Sophistication

Even if you have a small kitchen, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use dark colours. This stylish kitchen is the perfect example, as they use dark charcoal for the kitchen cabinets and hob but still manages to keep it looking good. The white marble kitchen island doubles as a breakfast bar while lots of natural light illuminates the home.


2. Glam Industrial

Industrial chic can be glamorous too, just like this kitchen that uses basic furnishing but is given a nice touch with the metallic accents. The statement lightings make the industrial look even more elegant so a small kitchen doesn’t look too cramped either.


3. Quaint & Colourful

Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean that you should shy away from bright and bold colours. Instead, you can put different colour blocks so that it distracts the eye from taking in too much of the small space and makes it look bigger than it seems.


4. All White

If you want a classic, no-fail look then going all white is probably your best choice. It makes the space look bright and airy so that even if your kitchen is on the small side, no one will notice. It’s also really easy to coordinate your colours and add little personal touches if you want.


5. Wooden & Tall

This apartment’s small kitchen looks really high-end as it is much cheaper to renovate a smaller space so you can choose more luxurious items. This one is covered in wood for a warm and homey look while the tall kitchen cabinets provide enough space for all your storage needs.


6. Pastel Modern

Pastel colours are really beautiful and can be used in almost any space so go ahead and use it for your small kitchen ideas. You can try using just one pastel colour like this mint green kitchen or several hues depending on your preference. Meanwhile, the style is kept modern and minimalist to reduce clutter.


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