6 Chalk Painting Tips to Use at Home for That Awesome Finish

by Candyse

Chalk painting is a really easy way to spice up your home and chalk paint is super easy to use that almost any beginner can use it to get some professional looking results. You can almost do no wrong with chalk paint but here are some easy tips for you in case you want to try this fun DIY project at home.

1. Less Prep or Prime

The great thing about using chalk paint means you have less fussy prepping and priming the furniture for a nice finished product. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t at least clean it and fill in any huge dents or scratches if your furniture has those.


2. Thin Your Thick Paint with Water

Sometimes chalk paint can be a little too thick and you can actually thin it with just some water. Do be careful that you don’t add too much as you want it to show your brush strokes as well.


3. Choose The Right Brush

After you have chosen the right colour for your furniture, it is also important to choose the right brush so that you can make the perfect strokes for your decor. Invest in high quality brushes that can last you a long time.


4. Don’t Go Overboard with Your Colours

You may be tempted to modernise your piece of antique furniture with some colourful chalk paint but we advise you not to get too carried away. Instead, go for the suitable colour scheme that matches your furniture and watch it transform into a classy piece that can last you for years.


5. Waxing

Once you have finished painting then it’s time to figure out whether you want the dark wax or clear wax to protect your beautiful chalk paint. Adding clear wax will seal the paint almost invisibly while dark wax adds a rich vintage effect so it really depends on the style you are going for.


6. Distressing

Distressing a piece of chalk paint furniture is a very easy way to make it look vintage and inviting but plan it out beforehand. It’s best to make it look natural in spots that will generally show a lot of wear and tear. You will find that Vaseline and sandpaper are your best distressing friends.


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