6 Flamboyant Shrubs To Get For Yourself

by Adeline

For those who are looking for a smaller plant that can be placed on small areas such as the table, bathroom or the kitchen counter, small potted shrubs may just be what you need.

Before diving into the names of the plants, a quick refresher that indoor plants should be:

  • shade-tolerant
  • non-flowering
  • preferably not much maintenance such as watering, shedding leaves
  • able to survive in restricted space

If you’re looking for smaller plants other than the usual aloe vera and cactus, consider getting…

1. Caladium

Caladium is different because it has a tinge of red on its leaves. Having caladiums amongst the greener plants gives off a nice contrast. It can survive for long periods even if you forget to water it.

Caladium variants

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2. Calathea

Calathea leaves are interesting due to its patterned leaves such as the zebra-like stripes on the Calathea zebrina range. Some have a pinkish outline such as Calathea Angela and Cobra. Personally, I really like Calathea makoyana for its brushstroke or peacock motive.

As pretty as they are, Calathea is picky when it comes to water. The fluoride in our tap water can damage the plant so it is recommended to let the water sit for a night before watering or water with distilled or rainwater. The plants need to be kept away from direct sunlight to prevent scorched leaves.

Calathea variants

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3. Syngonium podophyllum

It’s also known as the Arrowhead plant. Depending on the range, Syngonium can sport entirely white, yellow or pink leaves. Syngoniums are climbers by nature so if you want to change things up, place it in hanging baskets or let it crawl up a trellis or a peat stick.

Green and pink syngoniums

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4. Dieffenbachia

The green leaves look like it has been splattered with white paint. If grown outdoors, dieffenbachia leaves can grow really large but it generally doesn’t reach huge sizes when grown indoors.

Dieffenbachia: Grow it big, grow it small


5. Peperomia

If you want patterned but smaller leaves, peperomia is the plant to get. Peperomia are slow growers too so there is no need to worry about pruning. It looks good in a small pot, perfect to be placed in bathrooms, and can even be hung.

Peperomia in small pots

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6. Zeezee plant

You might already have it in your house or even have hung Chinese New Year decorations on it. I describe the stalk/frond as a dragon’s tail due to its leaves jutting out like spikes. It has several names: Zanzibar Gem, Zuzu Plant, emerald palm and even called the Fortune Tree or Eternity Plant.  It often gets mistaken for a fake plant because the entire plant has a waxy and shiny coating.

The winning formula to ensure it flourishes is to leave it alone. Yes, it thrives under a lack of care. It’s a good plant for forgetful carers.

ZZ plant or Fortune Tree


Other potted shrubs to consider:

  • aglaonema commutatum/ chinese evergreen
  • spider plant
  • mother-in-law tongue
  • peace lilies
  • dracaena marginata aka dragon tree
  • bromelia

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