6 Fresh Ways To Inject Life Into The Home!

by Adeline

The house needs an update every now and then but we definitely can’t be doing major renovations all the time! There are fresh ways to quickly brighten up, revamp or change the look of the room entirely without having to knock down walls. Check out some of these suggestions below for ideas.

1. Rearrange the furniture

Feeling a little bored with the home layout? Try rearranging the furniture in the room to give it a fresh look. Other than moving things around, you can also switch furniture to a different room. Maybe the lamp in the bedroom can be used in the living room or the side table can be made into a nightstand.

2. Shuffle display items

Styled by Orlando Soria

Ornaments that have stayed in the same place for too long are kind of ignored by the eyes after a while. Make it interesting again by doing some reshuffling. Swap the ornaments, rearrange it differently or move it to another room for a different look.

3. Add in greenery

Having plants in the house is another way to freshen things up. If you’re not keen on maintaining a plant, get a bouquet of flowers or stick some flower stems in a beautiful vase. Even bare twigs can give a room a makeover.

4. Repaint something

Sometimes all it needs is just a fresh coat of paint and it’ll look like a new home. If you’re not sure what to repaint, try looking for something at home to make it a focal point such as a door or the kitchen cabinets. It can even be your display cupboard or bookshelf.

5. Cover a small area with wallpaper

Covering a small area with wallpaper is another way to create a focal point or to give a little character to the room as well. Find a small nook for the wallpaper such as the narrow wall in the bathroom in the picture above. The wallpaper can also be used to line the bottom of drawers to give it a pretty base.

6. Hang up some new decorations

For something different other than hanging up photos and paintings, try hanging up unconventional décor items such as your hat collection, woven baskets, plates or maybe even Aboriginal art. It’ll give a unique and personal touch to your decor.

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