6 Stylish Ways To Level Up Blank Walls Without Painting

by Adeline

Are you despairing at your super blank and white walls of your new place? Fret not because there are ways to level up blank walls even if the landlord says no to anything on the walls! With some creativity and rearrangement, you’ll soon have an interesting wall for all to see. It’s just a matter of finding the option that suits you best.

Here’s what you can do to decorate the wall when painting the wall isn’t an option:

1. Temporary wallpaper

Traditional wallpaper is harder to change up when you want an updated so go for temporary wallpapers. It is easy to stick on and remove when you want a change in the room. You have the choice to cover the whole wall or just make an accent wall in the house.

2. Mirrors

Mirrors are good for making spaces look wide and help reflect natural sunlight around the room which make the space feel open and bright. Mirrors also come in different shapes and sizes but opt for long mirrors for a sleek look at home. It’s also a good alternative to level up blank walls for those who can’t nail or drill anything on the wall because mirrors can be leaned against a wall. If you’re feeling adventurous, get mirrors with quirky designs and place them in the living areas!

3. Tapestry

Tapestries have been hung on old castle walls for insulation. Now it’s more of a decorative piece which still brings benefits. The most popular way to hang tapestry is to sew it to a rod but you can also drape it over the rod or use pins or Velcro to hold them up. Tapestry can be hung above pieces of furniture such as the headboard, low cupboards or the sofas.

4. Floating shelves

via Pinterest

Everyone is familiar with floating shelves and they are usually used to hold books. For a more curated look, give the objects room to breathe and showcase the objects instead of just storing. For example, stack some books vertically and some horizontally to add some interest and style. Also, try out different floating shelf styles instead of the usual straight planks.

5. Artwork, photos or posters

Artwork and pictures are still the best to-go décor for blank walls. To hang up a group of frames stylishly, use the largest piece as the focal point and compose your design around it. If you can’t make holes in your walls, you can hang up lightweight artwork such as posters by using starch glue as it’s easily removed without residue. To be safe, test the starch on a small area first before committing.

6. Hats and woven baskets

Hats and woven baskets can add style to blank walls too. It’s similar to hanging up photo frames. It can be hung above furniture like the tapestries. Group hats or woven baskets in small groups and use different sizes to add some interest.

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