6 Super Cool Nursery Room Decor Ideas for Your Baby That Any Parent Will Love

by Candyse

Having a little bundle of joy to bring home from the hospital is a momentous occasion and one that should be celebrated with your friends and family. However, before you can bring your baby home, you will need to prepare your house for the new addition and that means decorating your nursery into a welcoming cocoon for that new human being that you’ve created. So, here are a few cute nursery room decor ideas that you’ll definitely want to steal.

1. Modern Nursery

A crib is an essential part of the nursery and instead of going with the traditional style, we love this modern-looking one dressed in black that looks stylish. The stark black lines of the crib are offset by the plush textures of the rug and carpet as well as some fun toys. The colour scheme is also timeless and can grow along with the baby.


2. Animal-Themed Nursery

Animal themes are common in nurseries and are great fun for Junior, especially when your baby gets older and start to take an interest in their surroundings. This bold animal-themed nursery has matching wallpaper and lots of cute soft toys so you can start educating your child while they are still young.


3. Nature-Filled Nursery

Decorating your nursery with blues and pinks are so yesterday! Go with a nature theme instead that is gender neutral so even if you decide to keep the gender a surprise, it can be adapted to the baby in any way you want. Bonus: It looks soothing and calming for the baby too.


4. Neutral Nursery

Another great idea is to go with a neutral-themed nursery as it can look very gorgeous as well. A nursery doesn’t mean that everything has to be colourful, your baby might very well grow up to be a style icon, possibly influenced by their tasteful nursery. This one done in greys will age very nicely along with your baby too.


5. Personalised Nursery

Even though your baby cannot read yet, it’s a great idea to add some personalised touches such as putting their names in creative ways in the nursery. You can have monogrammed accessories or even just their name in lights on the wall to keep it looking cool.


6. Minimalist Nursery

Who says that minimalism isn’t suitable for a baby’s nursery room decor? If you’re a fan of the minimalist trend then we suggest that you go for it in your baby’s room as well as it can look really stylish and be comfortable for your baby too. This futuristic crib made of clear acrylic adds a nice touch to the room and makes it look less cluttered as well.


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