6 Tips For Installing Great Wallpapers In The Bathroom!

by Adeline

Wallpapers are like pineapples on pizzas. Some love it, some loathe it very much. The younger generation may love using bathroom wallpapers in their homes now but the older generation is most likely to say No because that’s what they were using way back then.

If you fall into the group that loves wallpapers, here are the six tips to heed for a beautiful wallpapered bathroom!

1. Order a sample first

Have you bought a piece of clothing you like online only to find out it looks bad in real-life? The same applies to buy wallpapers. The pattern may look good in pictures and in a square frame but when it covers a large area, it may look really different. To prevent yourself from getting into this situation, order a sample first so you can suss out its quality and the look of the paper.

2. Choose vinyl wallpaper

Bathrooms are going to be wet and humid so it’s best to get a wallpaper that has waterproofing qualities. You don’t want mildew to grow behind your pretty wallpapers! Vinyl wallpaper is the best because it’s water-resistant and can be wiped down easily.

3. Use clear varnish to seal normal wallpaper

What if the wallpaper you like isn’t waterproof? You can still use the beloved wallpaper but use a clear varnish over to prevent moisture from getting in. A mildew-resistant primer should be used to prep the walls before applying the wallpaper.

4. Avoid wallpapers in the shower area

It is still generally best to avoid putting up wallpapers in the shower area. Any other part of the bathroom is fine. As long as you know the walls won’t be splattered with water, wallpapers will do fine there. Damp wallpapers not only increases the risk of growing mildew and mold, but it can also damage the wallcovering itself. No one wants to have mold growing in their bathroom. Considering there are ways to get rid of it, there shouldn’t be any excuses for homeowners to not get rid of it. It may also be worth taking a look at some causes of mold to know what to look for.

Speaking of mold, if there is a leak in the roof, this can have an effect on the condition of the wallpaper too. This is where getting in touch with round rock roofing companies, for example, may come in handy. If you have already noticed mold on the walls that the wallpaper should be on, it would be for the best not to start decorating just yet. Getting in touch with companies like Buildfix who can help find the source of the issue could help prevent mold growing elsewhere in the home. Once this is all sorted, there should be no issues when it comes to putting up wallpaper.

Additionaly, use paint that resists mould for these areas. This way you can avoid any issues altogether.

5. Pay attention to manufacturer recommendations

At the end of the day, to get the most out of your wallpaper you have to pay attention to manufacturer recommendations. They would have listed and explained which environment is suitable for the wallpaper and whether it can be wiped down or scrubbed.

6. Get expert advice or help

For the wallpaper to stick well against the wall, the wall has to be COMPLETELY smooth. If that’s too much work for you, it’s still better to get the professionals to assess your walls and stick it for you especially if it’s a large area. When it comes to corners, the wallpapers will look best if the patterns still connect to give a seamless look.

Good luck with installing wallpapers in your bathroom!

Feature images from The Urban Acres and Pinterest

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