6 Totally Jaw-Dropping Minimalist Living Rooms That’ll Inspire You To Do The Same for Your Home In Malaysia

by Candyse

Marie Kondo has been making waves internationally for her minimalism movement and it’s easy to see why. The results almost always take your breath away as when done right as it looks really clean and stylish without being boring. It’s also calming and relaxing which makes it great for the living room. Here are some beautiful minimalist living rooms that are sure to get you inspired in Malaysia!

1. Pale Neutral

You are sorely mistaken if you think that a living room made of pale neutral colours are going to be boring. This living room is the perfect example, seeing as the colour palette is mainly white, eggshell and beige in this open plan living room that has comfy futon sofas that looks like the perfect place for a lazy day of lounging.


2. Dark Geometric

This dark colour, minimalist scheme room is so stylish. Using dark grey colour as its main feature while cool LED lights and geometric lines on the carpet add some visual interest.


3. Half-and-Half

A simple play on colours make this living room a beautiful gem and looks truly unique. Situated on a slightly raised platform, simple block furniture with clean lines are separated by pure white on one side while the other is a vision in mushroom.


4. Pop Art

If you’re bored of all the plain colours you can inject a bit of fun with some pop art in your living room. Although the white walls and simple furniture scream minimalism,  a retro cartoon and a funky blue couch makes it more interesting.


5. Dusty Pastel

Dusty pastel colours are still pretty and classic, especially in these minimalist living rooms that plays it perfectly. Clad mostly in white with speckled flooring, the dusty grey dining chairs and dusty pink couches add a little colour for a more homey look.


6. Warm Minimalist Living Room

Who says that minimalism is stark and cold? This living room has accessories such as greenery and marble artwork that spark up the atmosphere of the area while pretty cushions and some wood elements warm up the whole look of the space.


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